Alfons Åberg

S A L E ! Alfons BLACK WEEK package

152 kr 304 kr
We have collected three best-selling Alfons Åberg products and made into a great offer and give a 50% discount on the whole package! Only sold during the period 20-27 November 2023.

The package includes:
- Alfons A6 cards, 5-pack
- Alfons A5 cards, 5-pack
- Alfons cloth bag
(Package value SEK 304)

In the event of final sale of the cards, we will replace them with the similar Alfons cards. The cards are printed on environmentally friendly, harder paper, by an environmentally certified Swedish printing company. The tote bag is size 37x42 cm, has long ribbons, is printed on 100% cotton with Fairtrade labelling.

All motifs are based on original illustrations by Gunilla Bergström.

"Alfons is an ordinary boy who lives with his father in a suburb - anywhere in the world. He likes to play football, build a hut and play with his friends. He is happy and mischievous but can also get angry, jealous and scared of ghosts – just like everyone else.” Gunilla Bergström

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