Alfons Åberg

Alfie package cards, 5-pack

Item number: U30-7

35 kr 75 kr
Alfons Åberg package card with five different motifs to decorate packages with when it's party time. Sold in sets of five. Based on original illustrations by Gunilla Bergström with motifs of cake, packages, Alfons, Milla and balloons. Business card format 5x7 cm. Equipped with a small hole. Printed on environmentally friendly harder paper, at an environmentally certified Swedish printing company.

“Alfons is an ordinary guy who lives with his father in a suburb - anywhere in the world. He enjoys playing football, building a hut and playing with his friends. He is happy and mischievous but can also be angry, jealous and scared of ghosts - just like everyone else. ” Gunilla Bergström


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