We like to collaborate with magazines, stylists and influencers who fit our brand and who feel have their hearts at the right place.

Do you want access to images for print or web? Email
and we will help you. You can also browse our
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 for more info. Contact us and we will email it to you. Feel free to quote us and use our images, but always refer to Magic & Prints. However, Owe Gustafson's, Lasse Sandberg's or Gunilla Bergström's original images may never be used without written permission. 

Would you like to borrow some of our products and samples for a photo job or similar? How fun! Tell us what you want to borrow and for what purpose. Contact us at 
 hello@magicandprints.com and we will decide together how it will be done.

We love all kinds of collaborations! Sometimes we collaborate with other brands, companies and organizations in projects that we think fit our brand. Feel free to get in touch with your thoughts and ideas regarding a possible collaboration: hello@magicandprints.com

Since 2019, we have been collaborating with the organization Friends who cares for vulnerable children. We therefore donate 1 Swedish krona for every Alfons product sold to Friends work. This means that anyone who buy our Alfons products also contribute to their important work!